After selection & before travel


We’re happy you’ve been selected to represent your family, your chapter, your city and your country as you travel with CISV Detroit. Our chapter has three annual events to help you get ready plus one annual spring fundraiser, Extravaganza.

But before any of that, there’s a welcome reception for new members.  This event often is held in February.

The first get-you-ready event in the chapter calendar is Potluck, where our selected delegates and leaders are officially introduced. This event usually takes place in mid-March. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass plus your own eating utensils, cups and plates.

Delegations also hold their first meetings at Potluck. Bring your calendars so you can set dates for future delegation meetings, which will increase in frequency as the date of your departure approaches. For a look at what happens at delegation meetings, go here.

At Potluck, a check made out to CISV Detroit for half of your program fee will be due unless you have already paid a selection fee for Interchange.

Prep Day and beyond

Our second get-you-ready event is Prep Day. That’s when all the travel-related paperwork described below is due. A check made out to CISV Detroit for the second half of your program fee also is due. Delegations will meet. Prep Day usually is scheduled for a weekend day in April from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Cranbrook’s elementary school, Brookside. It’s located at 550 Cranbrook Road in Bloomfield Hills, just north of Lone Pine.

All paperwork should be given to the appropriate program coordinator from the Detroit chapter unless otherwise indicated in the explanations below.  That program coordinator will keep a copy of this information and share these items with the delegation’s leader, if the youth is traveling with a delegation, or with the director of the program that an older youth is attending.

The next event on the CISV Detroit calendar that all parents or guardians of traveling delegates attend is our Extravaganza fundraiser, usually scheduled for a Friday in May. Two tickets to Extravaganza are included in all of our program fees. Standard tickets are $100 each, and entitle to purchaser to enter a raffle with a prize worth thousands of dollars. We ask you to try and sell more tickets and sponsorships to support CISV, a 501 c 3 nonprofit. Although Extravaganza is not a youth-oriented event, many Junior Branch members do attend.  Dinner-only tickets are $35.  Extravaganza usually is held at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle.

Our third get-you-ready event is the Farewell Picnic, where delegations perform a portion of their National Night presentations. Typically, our chapter has about 50 youth traveling to various parts of the world. Everyone brings a dish to pass, utensils, cups and plates. In 2017, our Farewell Picnic is scheduled for Wednesday June 21 in the evening at Shepherd Park in Oak Park. It’s located at the intersection of Oak Park Boulevard and Church Street. We meet at a picnic shelter (which has its own parking lot) on the north side of the park.

Please go to our Local page for a complete chapter calendar in several digital formats.

Passports, visas and plane tickets

We recommend checking your passport as soon as you are selected for a CISV international program to make sure your passport has not expired. Some countries require that passports are valid for at least six months after your planned visit. You are responsible for getting a valid passport before you travel.

Our chapter purchases tickets for many of our delegates with the help of Vicky at Adams, Lincoln & Woodward Travel in Birmingham. Families of the delegates work together or with your program coordinator to purchase tickets as a group, splitting the cost of the leader’s ticket. We recommend individual travel insurance for each delegate and leader.

If visas are required for a delegation to attend an international program, the group will apply for visas together. If a visa is required for someone traveling as an individual, that person should consult with CISV leaders in the host country about the easiest route for getting a visa and handle the visa application himself or herself.

Youth traveling internationally

Now here (and in the next couple of sections) are the many forms due on Prep Day! In addition, your program coordinator may ask you to email digital copies of these forms.

All youth traveling with a CISV program have to complete the CISV Health Form_2018. Signatures must be dated no more than three months before the date of travel. Please bring to Prep Day one version of the health information form with the original signature of the doctor plus two copies.

In addition, please bring three copies of the front and back of the youth’s health insurance card. Also include three copies of the first page of the youth’s passport, which must be valid for at least a month after the end of the trip.

Youth traveling with a delegation also need to complete the Child Travelling with Leader Legal Form. Bring three completed but unsigned copies to Prep Day, where they will be signed and witnessed. You will fill in the program number and the dates of travel at Prep Day.

Older youth traveling on their own — for example to a Youth Meeting camp — need to fill out the Child Traveling Alone Legal Form.  Bring two copies completed but unsigned to Prep Day, where they will be signed and witnessed. You will fill in the program number and the dates of travel at Prep Day.

Some health insurance companies provide information about which doctors to see if you need medical attention in a particular city. If such information is available, a printout can be helpful to include with other travel-related documents. For example, Blue Cross/Blue Shield provides lists of approved doctors in various cities around the world here.

Interchange delegates

In addition to the forms above, please bring a signed copy of the Interchange Parent Agreement Form. The amount to be filled in is $500. Interchange delegates and parents will have a lot of fun planning the hosting phase of the program.

Youth traveling in the US

If youth are traveling without their parents or guardians, within the US, to a US-oriented event — for example, a group of Junior Branch members and a chaperone are traveling to national mini-camp — then the families of each traveling youth need to fill out the Domestic Youth Legal Information Form.

If youth are traveling without their parents or guardians, within the US, to an international program — for example, a delegation is going to participate in a Village in Ohio — then the families need to fill out the international Youth Legal Information Form.  Although the travel is all within the US, the event is international so the international form is required.

If youth are traveling on their own domestically, to an CISV event that is not international, here is the Youth Legal Form – Domestic.

In addition, please provide copies of the front and back of the youth’s health insurance card.

Depending on the length of the event the youth is attending, families may need to complete the CISV Health Form_2018 as well. For guidance, please check with the person organizing the event or program the youth plans to attend. Note that if this form is required, signatures must be dated no more than three months before the date of travel.

Adults traveling, including leaders and jr leaders

Adults traveling for CISV both domestically and internationally are supposed to fill out the CISV Adult Legal Form_2018 . This is for use in the unlikely circumstance that the adult becomes incapacitated and needs medical attention.

In addition, please provide copies of the front and back of your health insurance card.

All leaders and jr leaders need to complete the CISV Health Form_2018 as well. Note that signatures must be dated no more than three months before the date of travel.

Other adults traveling with CISV also may need to fill out the same CISV Health Form_2018 if the length of the program or event they are attending is more than a few days. For guidance, please check with the person organizing the event or program.

When you return

Welcome home, and don’t forget that all delegates and leaders are expected to attend our chapter Welcome Back picnic at the end of the summer. That’s when we will hold debriefs and collect evaluation forms — a critical part of all CISV programs. We also have a lot of fun and make plans for the year ahead, so this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Later in the fall or winter, our chapter often holds an annual community-building dinner with wine for adults. Please go to the Local page for the chapter’s complete calendar.

Thanks to Daymon J. Hartley for the photo at the top of this page.