Delegation meetings

Do you really need to go? Yes!

At delegation meetings prior to travel, delegates, families and leaders will forge bonds and make plans. This is the system that supports delegates when they travel. It takes time and attention to develop.

Village and Interchange delegates work at delegation meetings to prepare a National Night presentation about the US and Detroit. They create a document — such as a booklet, calendar or place mat — introducing their delegation. They also design a t-shirt, discuss gifts for their hosts, prepare a basket or two to be auctioned at Extravaganza and practice cooking some typical American food that they’ll share on their National Night.

Step Up delegates plan activities for all the other delegates at their camp. These activities are based on the camp theme.

It’s nice if you write a letter to your delegate’s leader sharing any additional information that may help them relate to the delegate. Here are some prompts to consider.

Interchange needs more attention

Interchange families have the added challenge of working with their Parent Liaison to plan hosting activities based on the annual CISV theme. In 2018, the theme is Diversity. The most difficult-to-schedule event on an Interchange calendar is the mini-camp. It’s a good idea to start looking for a place to hold the camp as soon as possible.

Please take a look at this list of Interchange parent roles and think about how you can help.

Also, during delegation meetings your Parent Liaison will go over these What If Scenarios for Interchange parents so expectations are clear. The Interchange leader will focus on the delegates and work through a similar set of What If Scenarios for Interchange delegates.

Thanks to Daymon J. Hartley for the photo at the top of this page.