Apply for camp-based programs

All youth interested in representing the Detroit chapter as a delegate for a travel program except Interchange — that’s Village, Step Up, Youth Meeting or Seminar — need to fill out this form: youth delegate application form. In addition, all delegate applicants will need to ask two references to complete this form: cisv youth delegate reference form.

In addition, the programs for youth under age 16 require a program-specific application supplement. Here is the supplement for Village applicants: cisv supplement form for village applicants. Here is the supplement for Step Up applications: cisv step up application supplement.

All application materials should be sent to the person coordinating the specific program to which the youth is applying. Contact information for these coordinators can be found by clicking on the program links above. It’s ideal if references are sent directly to the program coordinator.

Selection mini-camp

In addition, all applicants are required to attend an overnight Selection Minicamp organized by CISV Detroit.  In 2017, this experience will take place from 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27 through 11 a.m. on Saturday Jan. 28 at Greenfield Presbyterial Church, 2312 Greenfield Rd, Berkley, MI 48072

Mini-camp is an opportunity to taste CISV life and share your ideas about what’s fun and important to you. It’s also a chance for all applicants to meet one another and have fun with other CISV youth. 

Please bring:

  • Sleeping bag, pillow, overnight bag
  • $15 with you to cover costs for mini-camp food and supplies
  • completed application forms, if possible
  • your enthusiasm
  • IDEAS for an activity (Team building, communication, energizers, etc.). You will be placed into groups/partners to plan an activity for all participants.