Visiting Interchange applicants

Thank you for agreeing to help select our Interchange delegation by agreeing to visit an applicant’s home. The main purposes of this visit are:

* To observe the applicant and family members in their home and make sure everything feels OK. Would you be fine with your child (if you have one) being a long-term guest in this home?

* To check out the place where the visiting delegate will be living, including the separate bed/air mattress where the visiting delegate will sleep.

* To capture some descriptions that will help with the selection and matching process. Does the applicant seem enthusiastic about Interchange, or is an adult the one who’s excited about Interchange?

* To answer questions about Interchange.

* To assess whether this family is willing to volunteer in support of CISV — or if not are they willing to make an off-setting donation?

* To get some more forms signed as part of the application process.

Our Local Interchange Coordinator will supply you with the delegate’s application. It’s up to you to schedule a time to tour the applicant’s home. It’s ideal if all people who live in the house can be present.

Please make sure the applicant doesn’t have unrealistic expectations about their Interchange partner becoming the applicant’s best friend over night. This may happen, but it’s not guaranteed. The two matched delegates will have a lot in common and some differences, and it’s part of the Interchange experience to learn from managing that situation so everyone has a good time overall.

Please read and discuss the following documents during your visit:

* our chapter’s Interchange communication policy, which the applicant and parents will be asked to sign

* CISV USA’s sexual abuse prevention policy, which anyone over 18 in the household will be asked to sign

* the Interchange Parent Guide.

Please make sure to mention the communication policy’s request that all delegates take a “social media holiday” during Interchange.

Also, please fill out the following documents about your visit:

The Interchange Home Visit Form and the Interchange Parent Interview Form.

Please give all the forms to Susan McCabe, our Local Interchange Coordinator in charge of forms. During the matching process, our Interchange Coordinators may ask for your input based on your visit.

Thanks very much for your time and your help!