Apply to staff in Detroit

Detroit CISV will welcome delegations of 11-year-olds and leaders for a Village program from June – July.

We are currently seeking 4-5 staff members for this camp who are 21 or older to assist in the planning and running of the camp.  Those staff members will stay at the camp for the duration of the camp and participate in the activities of the camp.

In addition, we’re seeking a Village Director.

Here’s a short video talking about why Detroit is a great place to live — and also to visit.

Qualifications for our camp staff jobs include:

Interest in CISV’s philosophy, programs, experiential education and methods

Interest in and ability in working with youth

Willingness and ability to observe CISV’s rules and federal, state, and local laws

Appropriateness as a role model within the context of a cross-cultural educational program for international children/youth

Self-control and maturity

Integrity and good moral character

Common sense

Tolerance and cultural sensitivity

Openness to new ideas

Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Physical and emotional stamina

A sense of humor

Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills

Activity-planning skills and abilities relating to the CISV Village program

Successful applicants will not have a history of criminal activity; alcohol or drug abuse sexual or physical abuse; emotional or behavioral disturbances; inability to handle stress; violence; or lack of self-control.

For more information,  please contact:
Julie Miller,, 313-682-4586 OR
Anouk Weiss,, 734-977-2123

Please consider joining us this summer!

Our culturegram will give you some more information about why Detroit is a great place to spend some time.

We hope you will fill out the Staff & Leader Application Form as well as the Background Check Form.

You also will need people to fill out this Leader and Staff Reference Form. These might include:

  1. Your present or recent employment supervisor
  2. A person who has knowledge of your ability to work with children, ideally through CISV
  3. Someone who knows you on a personal level

Go ahead and fill in:

  • Applicant’s Information
  • Check the Staff box under “seeking appointment as”
  • “In the following CISV programs” write Village; the host country will be USA
  • To answer the question “applicant has provided CISV Program and Leadership Description to Referee” as yes, you may direct the people filling out the reference forms here.

The photo at the top of this page of the Detroit skyline was made from across the Detroit River in Windsor, Canada. Thanks to photographer Jonik, who shared this image under Creative Commons Share-Alike license via wikimedia commons.