Leaders, staff, international people’s project: ages 19+


Each year, Detroit CISV seeks volunteer leaders ages 21+ to accompany our delegations as they travel to other parts of the world. Leaders who travel with delegations to other parts of the world are not paid, but their major expenses are covered.

Currently, Detroit CISV is looking for leaders and staff for a range of programs.

Here’s a video where both leaders and youth participants talk about the meaning of their CISV experiences:

Thinking about applying to be a leader? Find details about what CISV leaders do, how they benefit, and how they are selected, please go here.

To talk with someone about leading Detroit-based delegations of 15-year-olds to camps in another part of the world, contact Step Up coordinators Missy Bean atmissybean4@hotmail.com or Pat McMann at patnbudd@aol.com. To talk with someone about leading Detroit-based delegations of 11-year-olds to camps in other parts of the world, please contact Village coordinator Mary Harper at maryloua1@aol.com.


If you have limited time to travel, there are opportunities for you to assist with a CISV program locally. Each summer, Detroit CISV seeks staff for a program that we run in the Detroit area for youth and leaders from around the world. In summer 2018, we are hosting a Village. For more information, please go here and contact Julie Miller  at  julie.h.miller@wayne.edu, 313-682-4586, or Anouk Weiss at anoukweiss@yahoo.com, 734-977-2123.

In addition, CISV International is always looking for qualified people ages 21+ to staff programs around the world. These programs sometimes require a Junior Staff member aged 19-21. Staff sleep at the school where the CISV program is hosted and receive a small stipend. For information about international staff opportunities, go here. 

International People’s Project

International People’s Projects are CISV programs are for people 19+. Go here for a list of current projects.

Here’s a video where participants in International People’s Projects talk about the impact of their experience:

Photo credit: The image at the top of this page is of Grenoable, France, where CISV Detroit is sending an Interchange delegations this year. The photo is from wikimediacommons, where it was shared under Creative Commons License.